The following is the last chapter of my philosophy masters thesis, ENUNCIATIONS OF DESIRE. Click the link below to download the entire document.

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The construction of chasomic communication systems will work towards the usurpation of hegemonic forces. They will enunciate desire. Through an ecosophical perspective of post-media machines, we can formulate the appropriation of social media for the good of the planet and all that it nurtures. We are currently witnessing the effects of technology on our subjective formations through semiocapitalism and computational logic, however the machinic age is still defining itself. Choasmic communication systems can promote aberrant subjective formations through a metamethodology that conceives of desire as an inherently productive element. Through the vitalization of transversality and the movement of the schizo, we can work towards the aestheticization of technology in opposition to capitalism. Examining the histories of institutional psychotherapy and the free radio movement provides a historical foundation for the creation of new metaphors. Intensifying ecological degenderation makes the creation of chaosmic communication systems an immediate necessity.


Choasmic communication fosters dissent through the embrace of alterity. It is on the individual level that we can accept this alterity even if it is not directly complicit to individual gains. Just as institutional psychotherapy challenged the notions of sane and insane, we can now challenge the limits of free speech. What is free in an expression of subjectivity that is fundamentally enslaved by totalitarian regimes? New communication systems can reinvent language to enunciate desire.

One can only imagine the otherworldly advances that could embolden our lives and bring to the individual, the artistic, the social, and environmental ecologies, new facets of expression capable of counterbalancing repressive forces. Chaosmic communication systems will require securing an authentic relational with technology that necessitates a confrontation with singularity. We must ensure that the technological is invested in the enunciation of desire.

The difference between chaos and complexity is individual human subjectivity. We are suspended in between destruction and rehabilitation. The contemporary atrophy of human relations also extends a pliability. Connectivity can be reworked for the intent of the collective. As new constructions of human connection sprout up, they must be ceaselessly analyzed to avoid their take over by repressive institutions. New creative analysis does not reproduce semiotic or psychoanalytic pressures. It works to promote aberration. Our existence is desire flowing through mutant Universes bound to an endless circulation of newness. In navigating the chaotic umbilicus, ecosophy is a trigger. Environmental crises, anti-production and transcendental neglects can be mitigated by composing our subjective music from the human and the machinic. This music can be an edification of existence.


How can we return to our pre-egoic capacities? We need an unmitigated self honesty and new communication systems that shape themselves in relation to the collective’s instinct towards freedom and towards the natural poetic balance of ecology rather than to capital. Technology must abide to the enrichment of sentience. This will require a genuine attempt at collective enunciation of desire no matter what the costs. It demands a genuine attempt at communication whatever the consequences.

We must concern ourselves with finding phenomena that exalts not the phantasy of death, but that reveal the nutrients of our creative, loving, ecological desires. We attract and produce in our daily lives to forge an artistic analysis and cultivation of desire in the pursuit of modes in which group phantasy is capable of producing a counterbalance to machines of repression. How do we protect our environment? How do we foster the enjoyment of life, the refinement of art and forge a true pathic freedom? A human appreciation and respect for life beyond on our own must be enunciated.

Our current communication systems must be schizophrenized and expressed in its own language. New tools for collective enunciation are appearing to us now in the spheres of technological advancement, however our current resources remain a simplism- codifying and edifying social limits. We must synthesize a new form of technological mediatization to ensure new modes of expression for the polyphonic and heterogeneous nature of our subjectivity. Post-media can produce a new communication technology to foster assemblages of enunciation. These assemblages work in the pathic arts to birth mutant existential virtualities.


Through these new emergent modes, the artist, the analyst and the revolutionary will be reconsidered and given the burden of freedoms previously reserved for the boistering of science. Transdisciplinarity can certainly have an initial effect, evoking ecological linkages that reveal the arts to be as foundational to our lives as economics or biochemical engineering. Such is the way to invoke transversality. Markets will inherit their complexity with the emergence of virtual heterogeneous currencies. Political activity and mass organization will occur autopoetically through the work of pragmatic discipline to ignite a spontaneity of not the masses but of the whole of the ecological registers. Political movements and paradigm shifts will be enveloped within a chaosmic fold that honors no hierarchical distinctions between the actual and the virtual.

The pathic modes of machinic subjectivity have the capacity to promote relations with technology that evoke symbiosis and resingularization. It is time to situate ourselves in a relation to emergent technology which will imbue incorporeal Universes and natural environments with equal rights as the collective. We gain aberrant modes of new Universes of the dark web, alien codes, the deterrorization of hacking to preserve freedom for all. Hegemonic enterprises beware. This is the communication of chaosmosis.

We dive into the power of delirium with the language of dreams, with every encounter that ruptures sense. This material has the potential for catastrophe or for revolution. On every strata of life, forces navigate the thresholds of chaos and complexity for the sole purpose of recapturing the production of subjectivity. The human effort required in enduring our contemporary subjective enslavement can just as easily be put toward the composition of our new subjective music. We are capable of inventing new and foreign forms of beauty and love and alterity. Let us embrace our own mutant creatures and kindle a kind of mutiny of subjectivity for incorporeal reciprocity and the emancipation of the new.


Like the language of Frankenthaler, we hum and disperse and touch and fade betwixt complexity and chaos. This is the dance of a subjectivity of difference, the song of desire. Let our existence be a revelry, our becoming a bacchanalia. Its a task of impossible confusion, one we have no choice but to attempt… to take a vow…

In the midst of this state of affairs, a shaft of meaning must be discovered, that cuts through my impatience for the other to adopt my point of view, and through the lack of good will in the attempt to bend the other to my desires. Not only must I accept this adversity, I must love it for its own sake: I must seek out, communicate with it, delve into it, increase it. It will get me out of my narcissist, my bureaucratic blindness, and will restore for me a sense of finitude that all infantilizing subjectivity of the mass media attempts to conceal.88

Our decision is to make a capture. We seize archaic structures of power and counterbalance the abusive forces of capitalism. We strive for a liberated subjectivity. We enunciate desire.

The green ray flashes…

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To read my entire thesis click below….

Enunciations of Desire

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